Friday, February 27, 2009

Sad Day!

So, After getting home from Jackson Rancheria this morning at 4:30am and then gong to bed at 5am, and getting up at 9am for work... I went to work until 3pm and then I came home and decided to wash my car.

While washing my car, I noticed a HUGE dent on my front license plate.
I was like "Hey, I remember that rock hitting my car the other day, it must have done damage." I called my dad over to show him the dent and he says...
"Oh, that's not from a rock, that's from when I hit your car the other day."
And I said... "What the %$!& ?!?!"
He Said... "Yeah, I was trying to leave for work and I thought I had enough room."

I started crying, My baby has her first dent!
Not to mention my dad drives a Dodge Ram.

So he took my license plate off and tried to flatten the dent out.
It worked a little, but I can still tell.

My Dad's license should be revoked.
He will NEVER live this down.

The End.

My Baby's First Dent!

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