Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Day.

So I probably won't be keeping up on this thing everyday. Buttttttt, I had today off, so I said, hey what the heck. Today was nothing exciting, like most days of my life. I donated blood today! The first time since August 2007. I have now donated 4 times which is a half gallon! Whoot. I got a car magnet and almost passed out! Pretty exciting! I plan on going every 8 weeks, because I am going to beat Kaylee! haha. And not to mention, I like saving lives! :)
Last thing for today; My new love = Redbox. Yes. Redbox movie rentals. Amazing! A Dollar for a night! And You can find online codes for free rentals! Just this week I have rented 4 movies. haha. I am addicted! I love free stuff!
(If you use Redbox the codes are "BREAKROOM" / "DVDONME" / & "SHPNSVE2")
So Get off the computer and go find a Redbox DVD rental machine thing!

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