Friday, February 20, 2009

Something New!

Soooo I am starting a blog. I don't know how it is going to go, or if anyone will read it but I am going to try! I told my Dad I was starting a blog. He told me that "Blogs are so 2000, it is all about Twitter." hahaha. But I passed on Twitter and started this anyway. It took me like a week to think of a name for my blog. I don't even know if I like it yet!

I guess I will talk about happenings in my life. I am not a very exciting person, my life is very predictable, I have the same schedule every week. I consider my life lame. But maybe someone else will think it is exciting! haha... I wish!

Today I had school, I am getting pretty sick of it. This semester is awful. My english professor is a Royal Beyotch. One of my criminal justice professors said that he has underwear older than most people in my class today. That was a highlight. I love professors who are nice and entertaining.

After classes, all 6 hours of them, I went to the Student Health Center. Don't get me wrong, free health care is cool (Even though, it technically isn't free, it is added to tuition.) I was there for two and a half hours, had a hot doctor, had my pants off twice and had xrays taken. The results: Nothing! Yeah, I went for my right knee I hurt when I was at Donner with Dawn and Sarah, I fell on the ice and it never really got better, and it has been a month and a half.
See my accident:

(1) Running to the truck.

(2) I hit ice, slipped fell on my butt and hit my knee.

(3) Dawn helping me up.

(4) My sad face.. My knee hurt! (& still does!)

Well. That is my very first blog post! Woo hoo! :) Off to bed.. Tax appointment in the morning. My mom told me I am not allowed to complain because they are claiming me. Yeah Right! I will definitely put my two cents in! hahah.

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  1. I love it! If I didnt already know everything you wrote in this blog I would be all over it lol! My goal this weekend is to work on my blog woo hoo