Saturday, January 16, 2010


Oh my goodness! It has been ALMOST a whole year since I last posted. My life is pretty boring, so maybe that is why I don't post much, orrr I forgot to post for the whole year of 2009. haha. I was thinking in 2010, it would be cool to actually keep up with my blog, even though I doubt anyone will actually read this. So far, 2010 has been kinda stinky. Nothing exciting, just working a lot. As of January 15th, I have now beeen at Mimi's for 3 whole years. Look at me! I have kept a job for 3 years! Yeah!! These days I work 5 or 6 days a week, and usually at night, so I don't go out or do much except sleep because I am soo tired after work. I did go to PBR last night (Professional Bull Riding, and let's just say I have a new hobby. So much fun and lots of hot cowboys! hehe)
I start school next week, and I am not so much looking forward to that, but at the same time I am looking forward to it. It just means one less time I have to pay $153 dollars on a parking pass or a freaking arm and a leg on books! With classes this semester I have 17 classes to take until I graduate. It is soooo close I can taste it! : ) I cannot wait to be done and find a career!
Buttt enough about school. What else has been going on with me in the last year? I turned 20!! You know what that means?!!? 21 IS NEXT!!!!!! :) 221 Days until I turn 21!! : ) I am sooo freaking stoked. It cannot come soon enough!
I still have my baby. (My Mazda 3) She sadly has more scratches and dents on her now because of stupid idiot people in the world, oh, and me. hahaha. The big scratch came from someone who hit me like pulling in or out of a parking spot. Lame faces. Oh well, kinda. She will go through a lot more by the time I am done with her. haha!
Well, That's it for this entry. We should all hope for exciting things for me so I can blog about them! And hopefully throughout I will catch you up on a couple exciting things from last year like my free trip to Chicago! Wooo hooo, bet you cannot wait to hear about that!
XOXO people who read this, if there are any? hahah

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sad Day!

So, After getting home from Jackson Rancheria this morning at 4:30am and then gong to bed at 5am, and getting up at 9am for work... I went to work until 3pm and then I came home and decided to wash my car.

While washing my car, I noticed a HUGE dent on my front license plate.
I was like "Hey, I remember that rock hitting my car the other day, it must have done damage." I called my dad over to show him the dent and he says...
"Oh, that's not from a rock, that's from when I hit your car the other day."
And I said... "What the %$!& ?!?!"
He Said... "Yeah, I was trying to leave for work and I thought I had enough room."

I started crying, My baby has her first dent!
Not to mention my dad drives a Dodge Ram.

So he took my license plate off and tried to flatten the dent out.
It worked a little, but I can still tell.

My Dad's license should be revoked.
He will NEVER live this down.

The End.

My Baby's First Dent!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Day.

So I probably won't be keeping up on this thing everyday. Buttttttt, I had today off, so I said, hey what the heck. Today was nothing exciting, like most days of my life. I donated blood today! The first time since August 2007. I have now donated 4 times which is a half gallon! Whoot. I got a car magnet and almost passed out! Pretty exciting! I plan on going every 8 weeks, because I am going to beat Kaylee! haha. And not to mention, I like saving lives! :)
Last thing for today; My new love = Redbox. Yes. Redbox movie rentals. Amazing! A Dollar for a night! And You can find online codes for free rentals! Just this week I have rented 4 movies. haha. I am addicted! I love free stuff!
(If you use Redbox the codes are "BREAKROOM" / "DVDONME" / & "SHPNSVE2")
So Get off the computer and go find a Redbox DVD rental machine thing!

Something New!

Soooo I am starting a blog. I don't know how it is going to go, or if anyone will read it but I am going to try! I told my Dad I was starting a blog. He told me that "Blogs are so 2000, it is all about Twitter." hahaha. But I passed on Twitter and started this anyway. It took me like a week to think of a name for my blog. I don't even know if I like it yet!

I guess I will talk about happenings in my life. I am not a very exciting person, my life is very predictable, I have the same schedule every week. I consider my life lame. But maybe someone else will think it is exciting! haha... I wish!

Today I had school, I am getting pretty sick of it. This semester is awful. My english professor is a Royal Beyotch. One of my criminal justice professors said that he has underwear older than most people in my class today. That was a highlight. I love professors who are nice and entertaining.

After classes, all 6 hours of them, I went to the Student Health Center. Don't get me wrong, free health care is cool (Even though, it technically isn't free, it is added to tuition.) I was there for two and a half hours, had a hot doctor, had my pants off twice and had xrays taken. The results: Nothing! Yeah, I went for my right knee I hurt when I was at Donner with Dawn and Sarah, I fell on the ice and it never really got better, and it has been a month and a half.
See my accident:

(1) Running to the truck.

(2) I hit ice, slipped fell on my butt and hit my knee.

(3) Dawn helping me up.

(4) My sad face.. My knee hurt! (& still does!)

Well. That is my very first blog post! Woo hoo! :) Off to bed.. Tax appointment in the morning. My mom told me I am not allowed to complain because they are claiming me. Yeah Right! I will definitely put my two cents in! hahah.